Native Farsi teacher
I am a native Farsi teacher and social anthropologist, who has been teaching Farsi since 2011. I have taught hundreds of hours of private tuition at all levels. I have B.A. in Social Science, M.Sc. and M.A in Social Anthropology and Anthropological Research.
Contact me to arrange your First Farsi/ Persian/ Tajik class in Cambridge or remotely on Skype (farsilessons) from wherever you are.

I can help you to:

  • Learn Farsi as a complete beginner, you can focus speaking and listening if you desire or on reading and writing, or take a comprehensive approach that encompasses all area of language learning.
  • If your level is intermediate,  I can help you to familiarise yourself with Persian culture as well as the language. I am an anthropologist and culture is my specialty. If you are planning to go to any of Farsi speaking counties (including Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan or Uzbekistan), and you would like to sharpen your knowledge on customs of everyday life and culture I can definitely help you.
  • I can help people not entirely proficient, such as half-Iranians with some grasp of the language,  become fluent. I am already doing this with some students.
  • If you are planning any business activities in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan I can help you familiarise yourself with local customs and business language.

I have a strong knowledge on Persian literature and poetry. If you already know the language and you heard of it famous poems then I can help you to read and understand literature and poems from Sa’di, Rodaki or more modern text such as Akhavan.

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